Kenny Mapp and Ernest Smith are co-leading a men’s study group. The focus of the group is to grow spiritually and cultivate build leaders in the home and in the community. Our first meeting will be on April 9, 2017 at 10:45; location to be determined. If you are interested in taking part in this group, talk to Ernest or Kenny to get more information.

Resource Material


Out of the Hot Tub, Into the World: The Cure for Comfort-Zone Christianity

By Karl Haffner

Get set to leave the "comfort zone"
Many of us as Christians say the right things but don't live accordingly. What we believe doesn't always connect with how we behave. Does this sound familiar? Well then, it's time to get real. Real faith, that is!

Popular author and pastor Karl Haffner is back, this time to bring us God's cure for the comfort zone brand of Christianity from the book of James. With warmth, caring, and the lively sense of humor that is his hallmark, Pastor Haffner brings the message of James to life with stories, personal anecdotes, and relevant quotes to bring us the deep insights and spiritual boost we need to get busy and put our faith into action. This book answers the fundamental question that Christians must ask: How on earth should we live? How to manage your money, how to tame your tongue, how to overcome temptation, and how to pray are just a few of the topics that James and Haffner tackle.